Tower Global Partners with Blackstone Futures and Union to bring Micro Funds to Market

Tower Global is proud to announce its long-term strategic partnership with BlackStone Futures and Union. The collaboration coincides with the introduction of Tower’s new Micro Funds and leverages the combined infrastructure and technology of the companies involved.

Micro Funds are a new alternative that bring non-market-correlated returns to an industry rife with underperformance. Nick Sproule, director of Blackstone Futures said: “Micro Funds are a great way to diversify your overall portfolio. They are not just better but also significantly different. Think of a Micro Fund like your own personal Hedge Fund. Your money, perfectly separate and a live, liquid and transparent Factsheet for all the detail. Now combine that with Tower’s proven track record.”

These new Micro Funds also place control squarely in the hands of the client and allow choice across a range of risk levels, balancing risk and reward uniquely in the hands of each client. In addition, they’re liquid so deposits or withdrawals can be made at any time and without penalty. Add to that real-time statements and an immersive Factsheet. The kind of reporting you expect.

Mike Peters, COO of Tower Global stated that “Tower Global has always been on the cutting-edge of trading technology, and now with our strategic partners we can be at the forefront of one of the most significant evolutions, perhaps even revolutions in wealth management this decade”.

The potent combination of Union’s robust platform, Blackstone Futures’ deep-liquidity and first-class trading environment and Tower Global’s market-neutral trading algorithms will no doubt prove to be one of the most desirable alternatives available on the market today.

“We envision that in time, Micro Funds will be a staple of every long run financial objective that is geared towards balance and diversification.”

Mike Peters, CEO of Tower Global Ph +61 402 897 323,

Nick Sproule, director of Blackstone Futures Ph +27 73 521 5948,

Andrew Gillibrand, Director of Union Ph +27 72 278 2387