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2021: The Year of the Ox. Will Bullish Sentiment Follow?

Happy Chinese New Year.

The team at Tower recognises that this will be the year of the Ox, which is often connotated with Bullish sentiment on the markets.

May the fortunes of the global economy trace happily the financial optimism of this year of the Ox.

This sentiment coencides with optimism regarding the 2021 recovery of the shocks felt last year due to the impact of the Coronavirus upon the global economy. Vaccinations are being rolled out, consumer growth in China has grown spectacularly, and the Biden presidency shows a probable return of US international co-operation and stability.

As we march forward into 2021, optimism backed by a slew of good news is just what the doctor ordered for the global economy, and the team at Tower is looking forward to seeing what this new year brings.

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