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Tower Global provides financial planners, wealth management institutions and funds with state of the art, market-neutral, mathematical trading algorithms. Whether you’re looking to offer the latest tech to your clients, increase your total yield, or smooth out your equity lines with market neutral strategies, Tower Global could be right for you. If a partnership with Tower Global seems to tick all the boxes, why not get in touch? We look forward to discussing the possibilities.


Gain an edge over your competitors by offering your clients a high-tech alternative to manual trading. By partnering with us you get more than just our tech, you get access to Union's ground-breaking Micro Fund platform as well as access to deep liquidity and trade environments provided by our minimal-spread broker solutions.


Increase client satisfaction and retention by arming them with the tools to profit in an ever changing market. 


We automatically maintain our technology, apply patches and improvements in the background allowing you all the benefits of our ongoing developments.


Our algorithms never sleep, and focus on seven pairs all at the same time. This means that our algorithms execute 1400% more trades than the average human trader. 

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